The Eskay Philosophy


Eskay Essentials offers a premium selection of skin care products, notably our deodorant creams. Our approach to the product line is simple; to care and nurture delicate skin with naturally occurring ingredients that are easy to understand. Using time honored methods, our formulas have ben developed with a light and minimalist hand. They are fresh, effective, and created for all bodies types and genders. 

Eskay products are free from synthetics, parabens, fragrance, and toxic chemicals. Each ingredient is added with a specific intention and without the use of cheap fillers. Our materials are plant and mineral-based and are sourced from credible local vendors. The essential oils used are steam distilled and the carrier oils are cold pressed, ensuring the full spectrum of their benefits and delicate aromas.
"I think it’s mixed bag. You have some people who have no desire to touch their own arm pits, and want nothing to do with them. Culturally, we’re told to stay away. We wax or shave our armpits, we spray or roll on deodorant, but we don’t really touch them...Some people prefer no involvement, and I get it. But I’ve also had people say that using a cream and rubbing it in, makes it feels like you’re doing something good to yourself—and that’s luxurious."
- Saqera Kokayi, excerpt from SemiDomesticate